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Updated: Oct 22, 2018

*Dust billows down an empty London lane, its 3 am and no one is awake. A slight screeching can be heard, getting louder, louder, LOUDER. Then with a bright flash I appear!

It's 2018 and I'm ready to start a blog*

[I may have been a little drunk when these were taken]

Hi! I know it's not 2013 anymore but I've decided to launch a blog. To have a place of my own where I can publish and write W H A T E V E R I like W H E N E V E R I like. It's exciting isn't it? I've divided up the things I'd like to write about into 6 categories, Music, Sound, Gigs, Writing, Fashion and Lifestyle.

Music posts are for anything to do with my releases, from songwriting or production techniques through to album art. I put a lot of thought and effort into my music and these posts are a way of talking about it, much to the relief of my boyfriend and housemate who'll no longer have to put up with me talking about every tiny detail of my work over dinner.

Alongside music I also create a lot of sound pieces. Sometimes defined as sound art or sometimes sound design for a film, game or audio book. These posts are really just an excuse for me to passionately gush about the process of making sound.

Gig posts are about, surprisingly enough, gigs that I go to. I love live music and alongside gig reports I want to discuss women's place in live music/bands/the 'industry'. I want a blog that 14 year old me would have found exciting.

The Writing category is a little broader, these posts include poems, short stories, essays and interviews I've written that I want to share with people. Who needs a publisher when you have your own website?

Fashion posts may seem a little out of the blue considering the rest of this website is mainly based around music/gigs/sound, but really this website is an outlet for expression and fashion is one way I love to express myself.

Finally, Lifestyle posts are about everything else, the pub we found down an alley in central or the art exhibit I saw last week. The moments that make up a life between uni and work.

🛸Thanks for reading and I'll see you in my next post🛸


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