Creeper: Killing off the Callous Heart at Koko

On the 1st of November with a hangover and a heavy heart I watched Will Gould, front man of the horror punk band Creeper, announce that this is the last show they will ever play.

“Of all the shows we've ever played this particular show will remain with us the longest, because not only is it the last show of the tour, it’s the last show we’ll ever do.” - William Gould

It was quite a moment. The energy drained from the crowed as cheers were replaced by stunned silence, which then turned quickly into sounds of dismay. Fans and friends pulled each other into hugs. Others just muttering the phrase every Creeper fan is familiar with; "Fucksake Creeper".

After one very emotional final play through of Misery the band ceremonially walked in turn to the front of the stage, removed their callous heart emblemed jackets, and waved goodbye. All of this was accompanied by a very moving black and white film made up of footage of the band in greenrooms, on tour buses and talking to fans.

Horror Punk band Creeper play their final show at Koko
The Callous Heart's Final Night at Koko - photo by @shafmusicoffical

Now, the real question is if they're really gone. Personally I don't think so. Creeper have proven with the Theatre of Fear tour last December that they're not ones to shy away from theatrics. When the lights came up after they left the stage We'll Meet Again by Vera Lynn played which wasn't exactly subtle. Not to mention the quote above is almost word for word a quote from David Bowie as he killed off Ziggy Stardust.

If you're interested in the more cryptic side of Creeper, the hidden messages and the secret notes, I highly recommend you follow @MartinGurv on Twitter. He's a one man investigation team when it comes to the Callous Heart and the story of James Scythe and the Stranger. I'm sure we'll be hearing from them again soon.

Punk creeper fans outside KoKo
Just a few of the people I've been lucky enough to meet over the past year of Creeper shows

Even though I don't really believe they're gone it's definitely the end of an era. I've got Creeper to thank for quite a lot of things, even though by some standards I'm a relatively new fan. I first got into Creeper just before the release of Eternity, In Your Arms back in March 2017. I remember how bitter I felt missing out on seeing them play Kingston in the April 2017. So by December that year I was more than excited.

Trying to get a selfie with my Callous Heart patch back in 2017

It was at that very gig I decided I wanted to see more live shows and even release and perform my own music. If it weren't for that gig I wouldn't have gone on to half as much with my 2018;

- I went to Berlin where I made some great friends.

- I've been to 25 shows in 11 months, 4 of which Creeper were playing which is impressive considering I'd been to 6 shows in the 19 years before that.

- I began learning to play guitar which has allowed me to write better songs and to actually be able to play my old ones.

- Set up this website and this very blog!

Even though most of these things aren't directly Creeper related, it's definitely down to how much I loved the Theatre of Fear show and how inspired I felt leaving.

I guess the final note to end on is just how accepted I felt at Creeper shows and how I always looked forward to them, to see the same faces in spoons/the pit. It was something I haven't felt with other artists. I'd like to thank Creeper for the inspiration, for the past year of shows and the people they brought into my life.

That being said I look forward to the the next chapter and to whatever happens next.

🛸Thanks for reading and I'll see you in my next post🛸